Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Night... Is it Friday yet??

This week seems to have flown by thanks to that stat holiday on Monday. Yesterday was an icky day for me - I had a nasty headache thing and sinus infection happening and I felt awfully tired. Today was a bit better but I still zonked out for a three hour nap after dinner.

I have no idea what's going on with my sinuses. My nose still bleeds on a regular basis - like every morning and throughout the day when it gets dry. I'm not impressed. It's not a flow like bleeding or anything just crusty red boogers. I know, sorry. Gross. I have a saline nose spray which seems to help but it isn't fixing anything.

Work has been great this week. The old biddy is not in to work all this week and so there's the two of us left. We're covering her caseload and are uncovering a lot of mistakes and oversights. Really funny. Well, not so much for her, but for us it is. And the chaos and havoc that she causes here at work is so apparent right now because it's missing... and it's great!! I know, I'm mean... but it's my blog and I can post my true feelings! :)

So I'm having trouble finding any names for girls that I actually like and would want to name the baby if we have a girl. John and I can agree on names but none pop out at us saying, that's it, that's the one. Ugh... thank goodness we still have time but seriously.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

13 weeks and counting...

I had this video emailed to me the other day. It's just too cute and I had to share.

I can't believe I'm already at 13 weeks... well I will be "officially" at midnight. LOL. Seriously... 13 weeks already. I'm feeling better now - now I just have to remember to eat more. Because I'm not as nauseous, I feel like I don't have to eat... until I let my stomach get empty and then that nagging nausea comes back. Mental note, must eat eat eat.

So Thursday in TO was ok. Nothing fantastic but it did get me out of the office which was nice. Incidentally, I logged into my work email today and it seems like I missed absolutely nothing which is wonderful. I took yesterday off work too and enjoyed a nice massage in the evening. After that, I went out for dinner with two friends and got home around 10pm. Not a late evening which is ideal.

Today was a slow start... I woke up around 9am but stayed in bed till Johnny's dad surprised me around 10:15am by showing up. So we had a cup of coffee and chatted. He dropped off more baby books and was on the way to Hamilton to just scope some things out. I caught the early afternoon matinee showing of Juno - really liked it. I cried near the end but not too badly. Then I was going to go grocery shopping but somehow ended up at Thyme Maternity and bought two more pairs of pants. LOL. I guess groceries will have to happen tomorrow.

Oh and John was such a sweetheart for Valentine's Day. I got my card (yay!) and he bought me roses and some lucky bamboo shaped in a heart. Yeah I'm lucky! =)

OMFG... my younger cat just woke herself up by falling out of her catbed. And she has the dumbest look on her fact right now. This is too funny. I think she had a dream or nightmare because she pretty much rolled/jumped out of bed. Now she's just sitting in the middle of it looking slightly dumbfounded and embarressed. LOL. Cats are silly.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Musical Due Dates...

I went to the MW on Monday and had another enjoyable appointment. This was only my second appointment but it was still quite wonderful. My next appointment is with the MW who's been designated as my secondary so I get to start knowing her as well.

Nothing super duper exciting at this appointment. More personal history etc etc but I did get to hear the baby's heartbeat!! It was nice and strong at 160bpm. I also got to hear the baby kicking. Very neat!

And the MW moved the due date to August 24. Not that I mind...

Only one more day of work - how I wish this week would be over already. I swear, my one coworker is driving me insane. She's such a boob. I'm trying very very hard to not worry about what she does and how she does her work and just focus on me, but I'm finding it so hard to do this. I have no idea why this is... I just perceive her to be completely incompetent at her job and cannot fathom for the life of me as to why she still has it. And I'm not the only one who has this opinion, so I know I'm not being a complete bitch when I say this. But I really want to stop spending my energy worrying about what she is doing... but I don't think management realizes the true extent of her boobishness (is that even a word? I don't care... it is now). I really wish they would pay more attention... but apparently she's having a performance review next week so hopefully, something will come of that. I hope I hope I hope. I don't wish her ill but her performance is effecting the team as a whole so I think that's where a great deal of my frustrations lie. Ugh.

On a happy note, I'm going to TO tomorrow for a conference. I was supposed to go with my manager but she's ill and so I'm going by myself. And she's asked me to gather all the important info and bring it back to her. The email she sent me was really nice, kind of reinforcing her trust in my abilities. So that was a bit of an ego boost.

And on Friday I'm going for a massage!! I can't wait!!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Sunday... another weekend gone

I can't believe it's already Sunday evening again. Where in the world does the weekend go? I'm looking forward to this week though - I have Friday off and I might be going to Toronto for training on Thursday, so I'll only have three days in the office. Can't complain about that. My supervisor has been on vacation for 2 weeks so that's why I say might for the training. All I know is that two of us get to go and out of three of us, I'm the only one who's said yes, I definitely want to go. So hopefully, fingers crossed, I get to go.

I took Friday off to make my long weekend even longer - unfortunately John has to go away this weekend (booo) so it's going to be three days by my lonesome. At least he's home on Monday so we do have Family Day together. Oh well... so much for planning a long weekend. I'm going to try and get in for a massage on Friday and I want to go see the movie Juno... I just checked the theatre websites and it's only playing in one theatre here locally and they only have it listed till Feb 14... I really hope it's still here on the 15th. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

So today, John started working on the nursery - he's been sanding and filling the holes in the walls with putty up till now and today he put the first coat of primer on the walls. It went pretty quick but by the end, the paint fumes were overwhelming even him. Unfortunately, the next coat can't go on for 2 weeks since John won't be here next weekend.

Oh, so this morning I had a mini-meltdown. I have no idea what it was but I just suddenly felt so overwhelmed while I was taking a shower. Kind of in a feeling sorry for myself way. My boobs are about 1-1.5 cup sizes bigger now and I can tell the difference and I got a mild case of hemmhroids from straining too hard the other day (sorry, TMI, I know)... so between sore boobies and a sore bum, it just got the better of me. I just had a short crying jag and then was ok again. I guess I can blame the prego hormones for this eh?

Oh, exciting news... I signed my release papers from the military on Thursday (the 7th). My official release date is Feb 15/08. What a relief to have that done and overwith. I can honestly say, I had a great (almost) 14 years but it's definitely time to move on now. Life moves on and so must I... unfortunately, some people seem to forget or want to resist the fact that we all have to eventually "grow up" and assume different responsibilities. Most of the guys have been quite supportive and understanding of my decision to release but there are a few who just don't get it. Oh well. I know I made the right decision for me...

Anyways, I think that's about all the news I have. I'm going to the Midwife tomorrow for a check-up and then I'm going to visit my friend Suzanne who's off on mat leave with her babe. So this week is going to be super short!! YAYNESS!!!

First set of belly pictures
Taken February 10, 2008
11w, 6d
pre-pregnancy weight = 150lb
current weight = 153lb

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!!

Today was a snow day for me!! Yay yay yay!! I was actually going to drive into work but John convinced me not to... and as the day progressed and as I watched the news, I was quite happy to have stayed at home.

So I really didn't do too much today - did some dishes and there's some laundry that's done, but that was mostly John, not my doing. I just vegged out. I picked up Shopaholic and Baby yesterday at Shoppers (25% off!!) and I'm already done reading it! It was really good - just as funny as her other books. I think I might've found it even better just because I'm preggers right now too... you know, that whole empathy thing. :)

So I have to vent... I'm finally to the point where I'm done being nice and accepting random pregnancy advice from people - especially from people WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN PREGNANT. Like seriously, WTF? Do you think that I am not so freakin' paranoid about losing this little bean that I haven't already read everthing I could get my hands on regarding what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat, studies, literature, etc etc etc. It's so bloody irritating - almost everyday I open up my email and there is at least one email offering me advice... usually starting with "just thought you might like to know...." and then more useless information. Or the flipside of this is being "baited" with the question "how are you feeling?" and then being TOLD what I should be doing to make myself feel better. F&*K off. Seriously. You've never been pregnant and you DON'T know how I feel. Stop telling me to drink this, eat that, walk a certain way, do a certain exercise, not do something, not wear something but wear something else... UGH. I have my good friends that HAVE been through one or more pregnancies that can relate to what I'm experiencing and offer suggestions WHEN I ASK... This is what I want and need. I don't need people telling me what to do when they haven't experienced this themselves. Seriously, it's just irritating me all to hell.

So maybe that's the pregnancy hormones talking but maybe not...

Anyways... I'm going to my brother's tomorrow to see him and his family (I have a five year old niece - 6 in March). It should be a good afternoon.

Symptomwise - I'm doing OK I think. I usually wake up early in the morning having to pee really badly but the morning sickness is gone... unfortunately it's been replaced by a lingering nausea that pops up whenever I'm hungry and becomes quite strong by dinner time making almost everything unappetizing. Fantastic eh? I really hope my normal appetite comes back soon but I know there's a chance that it won't. Oh well.

What else - oh a good friend of mine is finally on Facebook. She's about 2-3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy so it's nice to have someone to chat with and now we can do this more regularly since she's joined crackbook... So that makes me happy! :)