Sunday, October 19, 2008

As I go to bed each night, I always think of what I could write on this blog, and at 11pm or at 3am in the morning, they seem pretty inspirational. Now as I sit here, I'm drawing a blank as I'm more focused on what I'm trying to get done today on the computer.

I'm printing off the application package to the Ontario College of Social Workers/Social Service Workers as I'm typing. I'm retarded: I know I've only been off work for just over two months, but I'm already thinking of (a) going back to work and (b) how I would much rather find a new job. So even though I've worked in the field since 2004, I am not an RSSW or RSW... so I'm thinking of applying to register. I do not have an SSW diploma or SW degree but I think I would qualify for the RSSW qualification based on my academic credentials and experience. So that's the firs thing I'm tackling. I've also started bookmarking possible future employers on the computer - of course they all have job openings right now... who knows if they will later on when I'm ready to head back to work?

I really don't know why I'm so obsessed with work and finding new/better employment. Where I work isn't that bad. I think my biggest complaint is that it seems like management is becoming more controlling and is not letting the frontline workers do their jobs. And they micro-manage everything which makes me feel like they don't trust my judgement... Ah well.

So I think my next big task is to update my resume. Sigh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

2 Month Vaccinations are done!!!

And I'm back after a bit of a hiatus... I wish I could post more often but having a little one doesn't leave for much free time right now.

Things are going really well. The babe is now just over 9 weeks old (OMFG!!) and had her first round of vaccinations this past Wednesday. The poor dear was such a trooper and while she did complain quite a bit, it didn't last for more than 10 minutes or so. I thought she was getting only one needle but no, it was two. :( One in each thigh. And they went deep (in mom's opinion anyways). On the upside, she slept most of the day away... I gave her some tylenol in the PM just to help her settle because she was still sensitive at the injection sites. But she hasn't had a fever from the vaccinations, which is great. She had no problems yesterday but today she has developed a runny/stuffy nose. Honestly there's nothing sadder than seeing a little baby struggle with mucus in her nose and not being able to blow it. :(

On a personal note, I have started bagpipe lessons. Yep, you're reading that right. Bagpipe lessons!!!! I've always wanted to join a pipe and drum band. I love the sound of the pipes... it's the greatest thing IMO. I might be a bit biased because I took Highland dancing as a child and then spent 14 odd years in the army (love marching to the pipes!). But I've always wanted to learn to play the pipes. So now I'm doing it!! I don't have a set of bagpipes yet but I'm learning all the songs on my practice chanter. The best part about all of this, is that it's free. I've joined the local P&D band and they provide free tuition and then will loan me a set of pipes as long as I remain a member. Hell yeah!!! I can't wait to actually get an actual set of bagpipes and then my P&D band uniform!

I'm such a geek. LOL! :)

Today there was a local mom-to-mom sale in town and I finally got a Bumbo Seat for the little one! It's gently used and I picked up the tray to go along with it. Altogether, $48 well spent IMO. And I got the lavendar one! :) (I was hoping to get a pink or lavendar one... never saw them at Babies R Us... they always had green). I've already put the babe in it and she seemed to like it. Although she didn't spend too much time in it today.

The little one is growing like a weed too - there has been so many changes in the past nine weeks. Her voice is changing and she has gone through her "cranky stage." She's now learning to put herself to sleep - for the past few nights, after she wakes up for a feed, I just put her back in her crib and let her settle herself. Nine times out of ten, she manages to do so. (yayness!) And yesterday night, for the first time, she only woke once!! She had her last feed at midnight, one around 3 am and then didn't wake up till 8:30am!! Tell me how happy mommy was! Hopefully this is a sign that she's physically maturing and will start sleeping through the night soon.