Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Only 8 more working days left...

And once again, I suck at keeping this updated. I swear I'll be better once I'm done work and on mat leave... at least till the little one comes. I can't promise too much more after that.

I can't believe I'm past the 35 week mark now. Only 33 more days and I hit my due date. That's insane! It seems almost like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. Almost.

So my latest rant is going to be about my replacement that they hired on contract to fill my mat leave position. My replacement is a completely two-faced bitch and she's just putting out such bad vibes. I thought she'd be okay because she's been working in the field for about 7 years but she's just a complete blade. She ran to management today about something I did that she didn't agree with (she's been at the agency for less than 2 months!!!!!!!) hoping to get me in trouble (which she didn't). Seriously... So the other girl that I work with and I are trying to figure out her motives - if it's to get permanent, I'm sure mgmt won't enjoy having a shit disturber on their hands. It's just too frustrating. I can't wait to be off. The worst thing is, now I'm thinking of ways to come back to work early just to screw her contract. LOL I have to stop thinking like that. But seriously.

I was talking with one of my friends and she was saying that unfortunately, for her it seemed like everytime she went off on mat leave, the same workplace drama happened. I really can't handle this... it's too much. Why are women so evil to each other???

On exciting news, I have my baby shower this Thursday after work. I cannot wait. My friend has put so much work into planning this shower. Now I'm trying to find a nice thank you gift for her.