Saturday, February 16, 2008

13 weeks and counting...

I had this video emailed to me the other day. It's just too cute and I had to share.

I can't believe I'm already at 13 weeks... well I will be "officially" at midnight. LOL. Seriously... 13 weeks already. I'm feeling better now - now I just have to remember to eat more. Because I'm not as nauseous, I feel like I don't have to eat... until I let my stomach get empty and then that nagging nausea comes back. Mental note, must eat eat eat.

So Thursday in TO was ok. Nothing fantastic but it did get me out of the office which was nice. Incidentally, I logged into my work email today and it seems like I missed absolutely nothing which is wonderful. I took yesterday off work too and enjoyed a nice massage in the evening. After that, I went out for dinner with two friends and got home around 10pm. Not a late evening which is ideal.

Today was a slow start... I woke up around 9am but stayed in bed till Johnny's dad surprised me around 10:15am by showing up. So we had a cup of coffee and chatted. He dropped off more baby books and was on the way to Hamilton to just scope some things out. I caught the early afternoon matinee showing of Juno - really liked it. I cried near the end but not too badly. Then I was going to go grocery shopping but somehow ended up at Thyme Maternity and bought two more pairs of pants. LOL. I guess groceries will have to happen tomorrow.

Oh and John was such a sweetheart for Valentine's Day. I got my card (yay!) and he bought me roses and some lucky bamboo shaped in a heart. Yeah I'm lucky! =)

OMFG... my younger cat just woke herself up by falling out of her catbed. And she has the dumbest look on her fact right now. This is too funny. I think she had a dream or nightmare because she pretty much rolled/jumped out of bed. Now she's just sitting in the middle of it looking slightly dumbfounded and embarressed. LOL. Cats are silly.

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