Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Night... Is it Friday yet??

This week seems to have flown by thanks to that stat holiday on Monday. Yesterday was an icky day for me - I had a nasty headache thing and sinus infection happening and I felt awfully tired. Today was a bit better but I still zonked out for a three hour nap after dinner.

I have no idea what's going on with my sinuses. My nose still bleeds on a regular basis - like every morning and throughout the day when it gets dry. I'm not impressed. It's not a flow like bleeding or anything just crusty red boogers. I know, sorry. Gross. I have a saline nose spray which seems to help but it isn't fixing anything.

Work has been great this week. The old biddy is not in to work all this week and so there's the two of us left. We're covering her caseload and are uncovering a lot of mistakes and oversights. Really funny. Well, not so much for her, but for us it is. And the chaos and havoc that she causes here at work is so apparent right now because it's missing... and it's great!! I know, I'm mean... but it's my blog and I can post my true feelings! :)

So I'm having trouble finding any names for girls that I actually like and would want to name the baby if we have a girl. John and I can agree on names but none pop out at us saying, that's it, that's the one. Ugh... thank goodness we still have time but seriously.

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