Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The week is coming to an end for me...

Tomorrow's my last day at work this week and it's going to be a short one too which is nice. I have three clients booked in the AM and then I'm off to family court to provide support to a client. Then I just have some drop-in time booked for people to come in and see me if they need to and I'm off at 2:30pm to go to my MW's appointment. I'm so looking forward to a short day... Friday and Monday I'm off... YAY!!!

I talked to my parents last night and they're getting excited to be coming down to visit. They'll be here sometime early Friday afternoon. It sounds to me like the plan is that they'll stay with us till Tuesday and then they'll head to my older brother's for a few days. Should make for a nice visit hopefully. My mom's also all excited because it's Mother's Day this weekend and she gets to spend it with her preggo daughter. =P

So I think that we have decided on a name for the little one!! How unbelieveable is that?? I think we're going to go with Kaitlyn Vera. John wanted Caitlyn initially but I prefer the "K". I don't know for sure yet though so I'm still going to juggle both around and see what I like the best.

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Sara said...

I'm with you Mary :D