Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a quick check in today...

My parents were here and now they're gone. It was a nice visit but they did exhaust me after a while. I really felt like I had to entertain them 24/7 even though I know I really didn't. But other than that, we had a nice visit. For Mother's Day my father took the four of us (mom, dad, John & I) to an Austrian restaurant and I had the yummiest weinerschnitzel. It was absolutely delicious. I haven't had food like that in a while. And then my mom cooked for us yesterday (roasted pork loin... yummy). So that was good!! They've gone to my older brother's for a few days now before they head back home. I didn't get to talk to them about the plans for August for when the little one is born but they didn't bring it up at all so I didn't want to wreck an otherwise pleasant visit.

I went to the MW on Monday for my check up. It was cancelled from last Thursday as the MW had to go deliver a baby. :) Everything is great - the babe's measuring on schedule etc etc. There are some concerns with GD since I've gained 30 lb already this whole pregnancy. So I have the requisition in hand and I need to go do the GD testing in the next 2-3 weeks. Yay. Have I mentioned that I'm not looking forward to that. Hopefully I'm just a fatty mcbutter pants and the baby likes the food that I'm eating. :)

So since the parents left, I've put the crib together in the nursery!! It's so exciting!! The bedroom is starting to look like a nursery now. Oh and today I went and bought three more even larger bras. Yay. Who would have thought such a small thing would cause so much joy! LMAO. I am seriously feeling way more comfortable though so I'm happy!

And even though it's only Tuesday, I'm already looking forward to the long weekend. I loved having four days off and I think I'm really digging this staying at home sh!t. :)

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