Sunday, May 4, 2008

24 Weeks!!

So it's 24 weeks today... which is technically six months if you count four weeks per month.... but that leaves 16 weeks or another four months to go. Yikes! Honestly though, the time has gone so quickly for me so far...

Today I saw my baby kick for the first time. That's right!! John and I were sitting on the computers upstairs and she started kicking so I thought I'd lift up my shirt to see if I could see any movement and I sure did! It was so cool!


Trudy said...

Hey girl! I think you look fantastic. Don't worry about the weight although I know it's hard. I am gaining quite a bit too..not sure how much as I haven't been weighed in a month. Congrats on your little girl. I find out next week at my u/s what we're having.

Trudy aka topaz76

~~Mary~~ said...

Thanks Trudy!! I'm trying not to stress about the weight. DH is being great and telling me how wonderful I look all the time so that does help. :) GL at your u/s next week!!!