Thursday, May 1, 2008

Apparently I've "Exploded"....

So one of my coworkers today looked at me and said, "my gawd you've exploded." So seriously, what's that supposed to mean?? I really don't think that alot of people actually think before they say stuff. I've exploded??? Really now. The funny part is, what I wanted to say was "hello pot, this is kettle.... you are black." This woman is not overweight; that would be an understatement. She is rather large. She has no neck. She's shorter than me. And she walks like Shrek. She huffs and puffs the minute she has to get her lard ass out of her office chair and walk down the hallway to get a client. Her face turns red with any amount of physical exertion.

And I've exploded.


So John and I talked some more tonight about the mother situation. He thinks I'm overanalyzing this whole thing and I think (hope) that he's right. He thinks that once we sit down and talk to my parents (mostly mother) she'll get over the "baby brain" and realize what's best and what makes the most sense (come down to visit after the baby is born and not a moment before). I hope he's right. So I'm now going to do my best to not worry about this again.

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