Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Preggo Hormones?

Today was a fairly good day at work. Most things went well and all my clients showed up. I guess it's because it's the end of the month and cheque day is coming soon... but still. I like to think that there are other motivating factors making them come to their appointments. =P

I did get my back up today though and I swear, if I had any less patience or any more angry preggo woman hormones, I think I would have been ruder. One of my clients' girlfriend's is pregnant as well - she's about 2-3 weeks ahead of me. However, as I deal with people who have addictions, she is definitely not showing nearly as much as I am... not even half as much (I'm sure you can figure out why). So my client had the audacity to look at me and say "my, you're HUGE." And kept on going about how BIG I was. Gee, thanks arsehole. It took everything in me to bite my tongue and not say what I was thinking... which was "this is what a healthy 23 week old pregnancy looks like." I won't lie though, I definitely thought that. Seriously.

I went to visit John at work today too - he works late on Tuesday nights so I figured I'd pop by over the dinner hour and bring him a Starbucks. I know most of his work friends anyways so it wasn't weird or awkward. Anyways, we're all sitting in the mess (army term for the bar) and one of the guys goes to light up a cigarette. And I think we all knew what was coming except for him. The minute he lit up, John really dug into him and gave him sh!t for lighting up "in front of a pregnant woman no less." LOL. It was good - we all had a good laugh and even more so because he became sooo embarressed.

**inserting disclaimer here - it was well ventilated and I swear, if I smelled any of the cigarette smoke, I would've been out of there... I'm not exposing my babe to second hand smoke if I can help it.... **

Anyways... Other than that, John and I are trying to come up with a polite, non-hurtful way to try and explain to my mom that we don't want her to come down for the first week after the baby is born. I have no idea how we're going to do this and I'm so worried that I'm going to hurt her feelings or that she's going to misunderstand what we're asking and that she's going to be upset and feel un-needed (is that a word??). I guess my problem is that I always put others' needs and feelings before mine and I really wish that in this situation I could be a bit of a b!tch and just ask her to back off without feeling guilty... but I can't.

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