Sunday, April 27, 2008


Oh and I have to share this... last night / early this morning as I was going to bed (I think it was after midnight) I felt the baby's first real kicks. Not just flutters and bubbly movements as I've been feeling for the past week or so but two good solid kicks. Very neat to say the least. I'm a bit sad that it's taken this long to start feeling real movement but I'm so happy now that it's here. I found out at my last MW appointment that I have an anterior placenta. So it's been padding me from the baby's movements and making them less discernible. I'm also wondering if this is why I started showing and growing out of my regular clothes sooner than other people? The only thing I'm mildly concerned about right now is that my placenta is almost "low lying." Basically it's not touching my cervix but is only 12mm away from it. Appparently it needs to be 25mm away in order for the hospital staff and everyone else to be comfortable enough to proceed with a normal birth. So I've been scheduled for an u/s around 28 weeks to see if my placenta's moved. Apparently this is quite normal and the placenta will have moved (or should) as my uterus continues to grow. So here's my fingers crossed that it's moved by 28 weeks.

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