Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last day before back to work... sadness

So today was my last day of freedom before going back to the grind. Thank goodness I only have a three-day work week this week. I really don't want to go back to work - I'm enjoying this lazy time off. Dangerously enough, I can check my work email from home, which I just did, and it doesn't seem too overwhelming so hopefully tomorrow will be a slow day. For some reason I doubt it though. :)

Sooo the most exciting news, kinda scary news, today was that John's medical release from the army has been approved! OMG. We've been waiting for an answer on this since summer 2007 so it's nice to finally have an answer. I don't know all the details as he was just contacted by phone today from work. He's going in tomorrow to look over the package. But from what I understand, and what he's been told so far, his retirement leave is to start no later than September 1st (just in time for the babe!) and to the best of my knowledge, part of the release package is two years of postsecondary education completely paid for by the wonderful CF (and he gets to collect 80% of a paycheque as well) as well as six months of "find yourself" paid leave. There's also the medical pension which he needs to talk to DVA about. So lots of work to do in the next few weeks to get everything sorted out. That and I don't think he knows for sure what he wants to take in college! :) So that will be something to explore too!!

I'm excited though because this means a whole new career as well as a chance for John to be home more regularly with the little one when s/he arrives. And if things work out, then maybe even have enough time at home during the babe's second year that we don't need daycare. I know, I'm getting ahead of myself. But who knows, right?

So as promised, here are some belly pics and some reno pics.... Enjoy!!

18 weeks, 2 days

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