Sunday, March 2, 2008

15 Weeks!

Yikes! It's March 2nd already! Where does the time go??

It's been insanely busy at work for the past two weeks so I'm using my exhaustion after work as my excuse for not updating this blog since Feb 21st... One of my coworkers - the one I've been complaining about - has been off for the last two weeks with an alleged respiratory infection. Rumour has it that she may not come back to work... I guess we'll see tomorrow. One of the other girls and I did go through her caseload and cleaned up a whole whackload of problems... So thanks to us, she's coming back to some organization. However, there's a lot more going on here and I know our manager is peeved so I'm just going to sit back and see what happens this week.

Ok, 'nuff about that.
Today is officially Week 15 of my pregnancy!! Only 25 more weeks to go! Wow!! We worked on the nursery a bit today and about half the floor is done. Unfortunately, we ran out of flooring and we have to go back to Home Depot to get some more before we can do anything else. But it's starting to look good. Amazingly, just by laying down some of the cushioning thingy (I have no idea what the name of it is but it goes underneath the flooring over the subfloor) and the room is already oh so much warmer.

Belly Pics @ 15 Weeks

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