Sunday, January 13, 2008

And so the shopping frenzy begins... My jeans that I wore to work on Friday (yay dressdown days!) were too tight in the morning when I put them on and so I had to use an elastic band to close them up. I could have buttoned them if I really wanted to but it was way too uncomfortable and I looked like a squished muffin top. Seriously. So I went to Old Navy today and bought my first maternity clothes. Yikes! A pair of jeans which are uber comfy, a pair of grey pants which seem somewhat casual but I can get away with wearing them at work on non-dressdown days and two tops. All the clothes look quite cute and I can so get used to wearing maternity clothes! :) Now the question is... is it too early to be buying mat clothes at 7 weeks??? Seriously?

On another note... talked to the excited parents tonight. Apparently they're going to come down "for a few weeks" (my mother's words) when the baby is born to help out. This should be good and helpful... I wonder what it'll truly be like? And where are we going to put them up. The "extra room" which was going to be the "spare room" is now the nursery. The upstairs is DH's computer / toy room. I guess we can put a bed up there - but we need a bed big enough and comfortable enough... Thank goodness we still have 7.5 months! LOL

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