Friday, January 18, 2008

I suck so bad at keeping this regularly updated... but I'm trying my best. Honest! :)

Work has kept me ridiculously busy and I feel like there are not enough hours in the day. And the sleepiness is now hitting me and I'm feeling perpetually tired. Tired and hungry. Tired, hungry and nauseous. It seems like I'm rotating between those feelings - or even better - experiencing two or more simultaneously! The fun doesn't stop.

I've been able to stomach eating a larger variety of food now - I've had my first Wendy's burger the other day - Tuesday I think it was - since my BFP. It was quite exciting to keep that down. I know, small pleasures. But let me tell you - the mere mention of pizza still makes my stomach CHURN like there is no tomorrow. Oh and I've developed another interesting little thing - I'm dry heaving / gagging more often now than I did before. I have no idea where THAT's coming from. Fantastic.

In other excitement - my cellphone was stolen from my office almost two weeks ago. I thought I had pregnancy brain and had misplaced it but one of my friends saw me put my cellphone into my filing cabinent at work. So I let it go all last week in the hopes that someone would be nice enough and return it. No such luck. So DH bought me a new cellphone on Wednesday.

Well, I got a phonecall yesterday from one of my friends who said some lady called her to say she has found a cellphone and could she identify the number. Sure enough it was my phone. Long story short, SOMEHOW, my cellphone ended up in the shredding at work (I'm positive I didn't put it there) and got picked up and shipped out to a city 2 hours away that does our shredding. They obviously couldn't shred the phone and were nice enough to bring it back. Sad part is, now I have two phones. LOL Oh well. I was more worried about the family pictures and the telephone numbers I had saved on the phone. So I'm glad to have the phone back nonetheless. I just wish they would've called 48 hours sooner. Would've saved me a few $$.

DH has bought some primer for the nursery and I think part of the weekend project will be to sand and prime the nursery - I can't believe we're already starting on this!

Here are some pics of the nursery as it is right now... the beginnings of the reno:

Yeah, I know, it doesn't look the greatest yet by any means. But we do have a few more months to work on it!!

Anyways... I'm VERY tired so I think it's off to bed for me.

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