Friday, January 11, 2008

It's got to be the hormones...

Today was an okay day for the majority... went to work even though I had absolutely no motivation to do so. My manager has obviously already spread the good news as I had tonnes of coworkers congratulating me all day long. I'll admit it - it was really nice to be the centre of attention. Yup, I liked it. LOL

Got most of my work done today but I'm still behind on about two files' worth of paperwork. And I had a client tell me today that I don't know what their life is like because I don't stick needles in my arm. Jeez.... all I could think for a second was, well thank gawd for that. Anyways...

Got home and DH was playing WoW online (lucky bugger still had this week off work). I'm starving by this time and have had a BAD nachoes craving all day. I still can't even think of some foods without having my stomach turn (pizza is one of them and even just saying pizza makes me feel nauseous) so I was so happy and excited to be craving something like nachoes. Well for some reason this turned into a huge issue as DH wanted pizza and I tried to explain to him why I can't eat pizza... He actually seemed poopy in the pants because I didn't want (more like COULDN'T) to eat pizza. Ugh.... so this turned into a cryfest for me. How silly now that I look back but it was pretty important.

I guess the good news is that I got my nachoes. LOL

The MW left a message yesterday and I'm going on January 28 for my dating ultrasound. Can't wait... but I'm not looking forward to drinking all that water beforehand. I just hope I can make it without having to pee.

Oh and my jeans were too tight today for work. How sad is that?? I had to loop a rubber band around the button hole and my button so I could close it up. I'm so not impressed that the Bella Bands I ordered off EBay aren't here yet. And I'm not impressed that my pants are getting too tight... but it's kind of exciting too I guess. =)

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