Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stuff and Such...

So my June 9 MW appointment was cancelled yet again (thank goodness they called me at 8:30am at work this time) and was rebooked for today. And it didn't get cancelled this time around. Yay!!! :) John came to this appointment with me - it was his first prenatal appointment. He says he enjoyed it and has confidence in the MW so that's good. My next one is in two weeks on the 26th and he'll get to meet the secondary MW then.

So today's big topic of conversation was home birth and I have to admit that I'm really starting to lean towards having a home birth. I'm not a big fan of the epidural and the more I read about it and learn, the less inclined I am to ask for one unless I absolutely need it. The MW talked about this too and how she would recommend an epidural if I needed it for 'therapeutic rest' but if that's the case, there are other thing going wrong too (e.g., I'm not dilating on schedule). So she sent us home with some books to read and we're going to go to a home birthing info session next month. I can't believe I'm even saying that I'm thinking of a home birth but it's so true... Just weighing the pros and cons... I would honestly just love to be able to go to sleep in my own bed and wake up in my own bed with the little one already home. It would be so peaceful.

The appointment went well though - the baby is still breech and she's facing to my right which explains all the kicks to my right side. I'm not worried yet but I do hope she flips soon.

I guess having a home birth depends on a lot of factors including the results of my ultrasound on Monday (to see if my placenta has moved). So far everythings been good - the MW got my gestational diabetes testing bloodwork back and I'm completely normal. Whoo hoo! So all this weight gain is just pregnancy stuff and now water retention. :P Oh yes, my kankles are quite swollen. LOL

I think I've decided on my final work day - August 1st. I have 5 days left of vacation time so if I take four of those after the August long weekend, I'll have a fully paid week off before I start my mat leave. I think August 1st is a good day to finish up at work. So I have to let my manager know soon I guess - probably tomorrow. I hope I can make it through July anyways - just the way I've been feeling lately with sore hips, definite round ligament pain and just doing the whole preggo waddle - I honestly don't know if I can survive another six weeks at work. Boo... six whole weeks. :( I would love to go off earlier if $$ wasn't a factor.

John and I went out for dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately yesterday was consumed by him having to work and me running around getting my car emissions tested and getting new stickers (yes, I am the greatest procrastinator that lives). So we decided to go out tonight. We went to Philthy's and it was yummy. But I can tell that the little one is starting to squish my tummy as my appetite seems to be decreasing.

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