Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Sigh of Relief...

And I totally forgot to post about this. For anyone who has been following this blog, you might recall that I was having mini meltdowns about my mother's offer to 'help' once the baby arrives (and even before!). Well, I had a chance to talk to her on Tuesday evening and she brought up the topic yet again and I was able to direct the conversation in a kind, nice, happy way to where I wanted it to go!! So I was able to get my thoughts across on how it would be so much more beneficial for John and I to have her down a few weeks after the baby was born (not before I went into labour and while in the hospital as she had originally wanted to). She was open to my request and I think things are going to work out. So YIPPEE! I was so not looking forward to trying to have this conversation and lay down the whole "we don't want you here at the birth" thing even though it's the truth. :( John and I want this to be our time to start our family and while I know it's important for everyone else too - it is our thing. So now it seems like feelings won't be hurt and people won't be upset and we'll get to do it the way we want to. So tell me how much of a relief THAT is to me!

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