Sunday, June 1, 2008

28 weeks... 12 more to go (or 84 days but who's counting?)

I think this is the beginning of me saying I want this to be over soon. My back hurts, my pelvis hurts, my hips hurt, I feel like a house and then some and I can't sleep more than 6 hours at night and even that's interrupted by one or two pee breaks. Seriously. And I get breathless walking up stairs and I swear I have the preggo waddle now. :( Oh and no matter what size bra I wear, it's very uncomfortable by the end of the day. And I would love to not have to wear the ginormous 40D bra... it would be nice to be back in my 36B thank you very much.

So yeah... I'm feeling preggo. :P

And I had a meltdown on Saturday because of my weight yet again. My maternity clothes are starting to get tight and some don't even fit now (Old Navy jeans) and I'm getting sad. I've gained 8lb so far since my last MW visit so I'll probably be up to 9lb by Wednesday when I see her again. I am just floored at the rate I'm gaining weight. I'm up to 188lb as of yesterday which is ridonkulous... that's 38lb since this pregnancy has started. WTF... where's the "standard 25-35lb" weight gain that I'm supposed to get???? I surpassed that a few weeks ago that's for sure. So yeah... had a minor meltdown on Saturday. I just feel huge. And I'm uber worried that I won't be able to lose the weight afterwards. I think that's the even bigger fear. I don't care if I gain weight now - I know it's for a good cause - but I sure don't want to be stuck at this weight or even in the 160-170lb range afterwards. And I can't imagine the struggle it'll be to lose the preggo weight. Ugh. See.... hence the meltdown.

So I think I'm in need of some retail therapy to make myself feel better and to get some clothes that fit a bit more comfy. John's working on Tuesday evening so I'm probably going to head to the mall then. Of course Tuesday is also our second anniversary so I definitely have to pick something up for him. :) We've decided to actually celebrate on Wednesday as he's working Tues. night and it'll just fit our schedules better. I have my MW appointment Wednesday and John's going to come to this one (his first one!!) to start getting to know the MW. We then have the hospital tour afterwards and then we'll go out for dinner somewhere... Our last anniversary without the little one. Crazy.

We went out today looking for a rocker/glider for the nursery. Yeah, no luck. First we went to Zellers which had only one that looked pretty cheap but was $299. And then we went to Babies R Us which had nothing under $350. So no luck today. I did get a diaper bag though. It's like the picture only in red. It's made by Columbia and looks pretty functional so I'm satisfied. :) And it was on sale for $40 which makes it even better!!! We also stopped at Starbucks for some nice expensive coffees and at the comic book store to feed our nerd urge. :)
John also put together the change table on Saturday after having gone to Ikea on Friday to pick up some things. He's such a dear... he got a mobile for the babe as well as some bedding, a quilt and the Spoka night light I've been dying to get:
Too cute!!! So the nursery is almost done I think. Oh, John also picked up a rug for the babe's room - it's blue with two dragons on it. I love it - it fits nicely!!

So yes... I guess I do have an awesome husband. :)

Other than that... the babe's been kind of quiet this weekend. Has her kicking bouts and then just hangs out for a while. Almost all her kicks have been to the inside of me though and not the outside... So I haven't seen any kicks lately. But I have sure felt them!! I think she found my cervix earlier this weekend (not fun) and now she's kicking somewhere around my bladder or something. Crazy. But it's nice to know she's happy and active in there.

I'm not feeling like going to work tomorrow... I would love to just take some time off and relax around the house. I think I'm going to start thinking of when I'm finishing up before my mat leave... I wanted to work as close to the date as possible but now I'm thinking of going off 2-3 weeks beforehand. Maybe early August.... I'm taking June 23rd off - it's a Monday. I have the maternity pre-registration at the hospital that day and I just don't feel like going to work for 1/2 a day. So I figured I'd just book the whole day off.

It's now past 10:30pm so I think I'm going to have to stop sitting online here and finish up some chores (dishes... grrr) before bed.


bec said...

I've not been pregnant, but we are about the same age and I can only imagine how hard the weight gain must be! Try to remember you're nuturing a little one in there! I've enjoyed reading your journey...

~~Mary~~ said...

Thanks Bec! :)