Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What to write... It's been busy crazy hectic at work these last few days. One of my good friends and coworkers is sick with some norwalk-like virus thingy so she's been gone for the last two days and I've been covering her caseload. Luckily she's very organized and it's been pretty easy to do coverage for her... but I'm still behind in my casenotes now and I do have to enter two or three more before the end of the week. Gawd I hate paperwork sometimes. Even better, there's another coworker who's... odd... I think that's the nicest way to put it. Anyways, I "caught" her in a lie on Tuesday but I can't confront her about her lie because I know the truth from a third source... but she has now lost any credibility that she had left with me. Oh the drama... sometimes I just can't stand working with primarily women. Other days it's great. What can you do eh.

On the baby front, I'm starting to feel much better - still don't feel like I can eat pizza or drink coffee but other than that, I think my food aversions are going away. I actually had a MacDonald's cheeseburger yesterday... to be honest though, even thinking of that now is kind of making me queasy. I'm starting to have cravings for really salty things like french fries and yes, pickles. Oh the joys.

** ** ** TMI Alert ** ** **
And I felt so constipated the other day... I'm back to normal again today but geez, that was such not a good feeling. I'm going to have to make sure I eat enough fruit and drink enough water every day. I'm not impressed by how much my bowels have slowed down - not to mean I'm not regular but just how much the consistency has changed. Yup it's much more thicker and tarry. Sorry dear reader but it's true. It's just weird - I wonder how long this lasts.

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