Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 week ultrasound

So I went to the hospital on Monday to have my ultrasound. I swear, this was one of the best experiences I've had. And I think, just based on this, I will never, ever listen to anyone who ever says anything negative about an experience they've had. Let me tell you why...

Firstly, the whole drinking water thing. Maybe I'm just lucky or maybe not. But I really didn't have that much trouble drinking the 1 litre of water they asked me to. I simply grabbed a 1L Nalgene bottle (those things are great) and filled it up. Got in the car with John and sipped the water all the way to the hospital (we live about a 20 min drive away). I started drinking around 9:15am (u/s was at 10am) and I finished just as we checked in to the u/s department. And there was a method to my madness and it did work because the tech even commented on how nice and full my bladder looks. So a word to the wise - don't start drinking the water till about 45-60min before the u/s and take it easy. I had no discomfort during the u/s and didn't have to rush to find a bathroom till about 20 minutes after the fact. So life was good!

And I have to say how wonderful the tech was. She was super nice and tried to point out the baby's features on the u/s. She said that everything looked normal and gave us an update on the babe and the EDD according to the u/s. No horror stories...

So I have to say, if all my experiences with this pregnancy will be this positive... YAY!!! Let's do it again. LOL!!

I'm happy though - I'm going to give birth at the same hospital that I had this u/s done at and so far, I've had only positive experiences there. The last time I was there was in 2004 for my breast reduction and I had the same, wonderful experience. So I'm feeling pretty pumped about all of this.

10 week ultrasound
30mm CRL
heartrate = 172

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