Friday, December 28, 2007

It's official I guess... we've told everyone that matters about our BFP! My brother and sister in law were the last family to know and they were very excited for us! And the Midwives called us back and I've been taken into care with them & my first appointment is January 9th!! Yay!!!! I'm very excited to see what that's going to be like.

So you can say I have been blessed because I don't have any m/s yet and I have yet to have many food aversions. I'm actually feeling quite "normal" (aka "unpregnant") except for ongoing, sporadic AF-like cramping... That's during the day. At night it's a completely different story. Even a few days, maybe a week before my BFP, I started having quite vivid dreams. Most have been in colour and most I remember after I wake up. Which is the second problem. Ever since my BFP, I find myself waking up a minimum of two, usually three or four times a night. Not to go to the bathroom, just waking up out of a dream. And I'm wide awake. As in staring at the ceiling.... It takes me anywhere from 10-30 minutes to fall asleep afterwards. So far it hasn't affected me during the day but I'm going back to work on the 2nd after the holidays and I'm wondering what this erractic sleep is going to do for me then??

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