Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stupid laptop is broken....

So we went to the 30 week ultrasound on Monday (16th). Found out that the hospital has a new policy which was implemented in the last 10 weeks since our 20 wk ultrasound. No one is allowed to go into the u/s room except the mom while the tech is doing the measurements and shite. Dad's / support people are invited in for only the last five minutes of the u/s. Seriously, this blows. I'm sure I can figure out why this policy was implemented. I can just imagine that there are some people out there who are completely inconsiderate and brought in a whole slew of family and friends to their ultrasounds... or dragged three or four screaming children in with them and I'm sure this bothered the technicians to the point where they couldn't accurately do their jobs. But seriously. I wish they could do this on a case-by-case basis. John loved seeing the measurements being taken at the 20 wk u/s and he was quite disappointed that he could only see five minutes of the u/s this time. GRRrrr... very annoying. And to top it off, the tech we had was a bit of a grumpy b!tch so that didn't make anything any better. At least we got a cool shot of the baby's face. :)

So there's something wrong with my laptop and the connection port for the power is shot so I can't use it right now - the battery is down to 6% - probably even less by now. We're supposed to get it fixed, hopefully soon....

And we got our travel system yesterday!! It's the Evenflo Aura Elite - we got it at Sears and while it was more than I had wanted to spend, it rocks! Even John loves it which is a bonus! :) The baby seat fits into the stroller quite easily and the stroller folds and opens easily (it's a bit stiff now but it's new). I can't wait to try this out with the babe! I'm a bit disappointed because my older brother had given us a Peg Perego travel system that my niece used but it was manufactured in 2001 so the carseat was a no-go right from the start even though it's in great condition. The stroller we may still use as it looks very comfy for baby... But it's nice to have our own, brand-new travel system too!

* * * TMI Alert * * *

And somehow this week I have managed to develop hemmorhoids. Evil evil things they are. It seems to me like they materialized almost overnight and now they're not working hard enough at going away. I think Tuesday and Wednesday were my worst days and they're slowly letting up now but I'm still no where near comfortable that's for sure. I hope to gawd they go away but I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm blessed with them for the remainder of this pregnancy. Sadness. I have a whole arsenal of OTC treatments on hand now too... extra strength anusol, the preparation h cooling gel, epsom salts, tucks pads... the list goes on. LOL

* * * TMI Alert * * *

And the countdown to mat leave has started... August 1 is my last day!! I'm going to have to get a ticker or something to countdown the days for me as I suck at remembering stuff like this. :)

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